Our Team

Custom homebuilding is a process, and it takes a team to be successful. No one person, no matter how talented, can build a timeless luxury custom home without the dedication and cooperation of others. It’s only through group effort that Landmark Custom Homes’ team has prospered for more than 20 years and earned the respect and trust of our clients.

Landmark Custom Homes Team
We approach every new project holistically, knowing that the whole will be more than the sum of its parts, if we assemble the right team upfront. The process starts by meeting with the client to understand his or her desires, to suggest ideas of our own, and to make sure that the various concepts are aesthetically, financially and functionally in accord.

Then, Landmark puts together a team that can build a luxury custom home that creatively fulfills those dreams. The team might consist of architects, interior designers, contractors, cabinetmakers, window manufacturers and a host of other craftsman. The suppliers could even be located internationally, as Landmark has alliances with companies all over the world, which gives our clients plenty of options when choosing materials for their custom home.

Once the team is assembled, the homebuilding begins in earnest. Throughout the process, Landmark keeps the lines of communication wide open, so every step is transparent. Only then can deadlines be met, issues addressed, and the custom home built according to plan. With the team working in sync and facilitating each other, the end product will be a beautiful work of art to be enjoyed for years to come.