What’s New in Custom Home Design

If you are redesigning or re-decorating your home you want unique-looking features that would complement the overall aesthetic of your home and match your personal preferences as well. This is where custom home design comes in. Here we discuss some latest home design trends that have made a mark this year.

1. Satin brass finishes

Brass fixtures and elements have been making a comeback in a big way in recent years. These installations or pieces look stunning, elegant and add shiny golden tones to home spaces without the exorbitant price tag. But the slight change that has been noticed in this trend in the current year is that smooth, polished brass finishes have made way for brushed/satin finishes. The latter adds a more warm and muted look to home spaces. Aside from this, satin brass is more transitional and complements various interior design styles.

2. Vanity conversions

If you aren’t able to find the right type of pre-manufactured vanities for your home, you should consider thinking out of the proverbial box. The latest trend is to use antique or old vintage consoles, old file cabinets etc., make a few changes and additions and turn them into unique vanities.

4. Smart storage in the kitchen

The focus this year is on home design concepts that help de-clutter the space. But kitchens tend to look busy and because there are numerous appliances and storage cabinets there. While you can’t do away with all that necessary storage space, you can consider the smart storage option of moving all of it into just one hardworking wall. This becomes a hub of sorts that helps free-up the rest of the space in the kitchen and lends it a more expansive and breezy look.

5. Creating drama with off-whites and whites

In the past, if you chose to have white walls and largely white décor, designers would add colored and textured accent walls to balance out the space. But the trend has undergone a change this year. White is in-and in a big way. The starkness and clinical look of white is toned down with off-whites, natural linen hues and creamy whites; surprisingly, this look lends warmth and softness to a white room without taking away any of its character and charm.

6. The natural effect

Today, designers and architects are incorporating a lot of greenery and woody tones in their creations. The focus is on using various materials and elements to create a more natural and fresh look in the space. Hardwoods of different kinds are used to add warmth and a certain zest to the interiors of the home. Carrying this same concept forward, many custom builders are also creating home designs in which the indoor areas of the home flow seamlessly into the outdoor spaces via expansive transitional spaces such as decks, patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchens. This helps bring the openness and greenery of the outdoors into the indoor areas of the home.

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