Top Trends in Custom Homes

Custom homes are special in that they are specifically built with the owner’s preferences and requirements in view; the features, textures, furniture, and artwork may all be custom- designed or commissioned as well; and this is what lends uniqueness to the space. But like all architectural trends, there are certain trends seen in interior design for custom homes in South Florida. Here we discuss some of them:

1. Creating a cohesive look using saturated and natural hues

Many custom home designers are now using a mix-and-match of subtle and bold shades to create drama in the interiors of the homes. Yellow-green shades are trending in interiors that lean on a fresh and cheery look. But earthy shades such as Hazelnut, Kale, fiery orange, Flame, Jewel Tones and more are being seen on the walls and in the décor of custom homes. Even homes with more of a minimalist chic look now have some solid color elements to add a classic, warm-toned vibe in the room.

2. Mixed metals

The same mix-and-match trend is seen in the use of metal features in custom homes in Florida. People are becoming very bold in the statements they create in the design and ambience of their home. Many are moving away from “safe” design concepts and using unconventional mixes such as oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass, polished nickel & silver and chrome and brass as well. This trend is a reflection of the popularity of minimalist design and industrial concepts in home décor. While the concept itself isn’t a new one, people are getting bolder and more creative with their design choices.

3. Including textures to add dimension

Today many unexpected design pairings are surfacing in the Florida custom home space. Industrial styling with unfinished or reclaimed wood and raw metals are being used alongside sheepskin rugs, bleached woods, and linen upholstery. You can also see homes built in a more rustic style with desert plants and cowhide rugs used in the interior spaces. For example, industrial metal end tables are being paired with natural wood frame sofas with linen upholstery etc.

4. Eclectic design concepts with a touch of natural charm

Many custom homes now have cork and terracotta features; these could be in the form of décor pieces, accent walls, and textures, tiling, fireplace cladding, flooring and more. Designers are catering to the tastes of their discerning clientele and adding master strokes of their own to create unique and alluring designs in custom home design. Cork is being used in to create accent walls and it’s seen in coffee table bases as well. Cork has insulating properties and it’s a great material for walls in an entertainment room as well.

Aside from these trends, modern minimalism, high lacquered wood features, and furniture as art are the different notable trends on the custom home scene in Florida. For any information about custom designed homes, call Landmark Custom Homes on 954.444.9875. You can also contact us via this online form.


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