Should Your Home Have Hurricane Impact

Hurricane impact windows are also referred to as impact windows or hurricane-resistant windows. They have a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer sandwiched between two glass panes. The inner-membrane of the window is what makes it resistant to impact. While these features aren’t 100% shatterproof, they remain attached to their inner membrane on impact and do not become detached from the window frame.

This also means glass shards won’t be flung into the indoor spaces in case there is damage to the feature when a hurricane hits the area. Many hurricane window installers give you the option to get shatter resistant film applied to the window panes and this prevents shattering of the glass as well.. We at Landmark Custom Homes always recommend that our clients get hurricane windows installed on their properties.

Hurricane impact windows- the cost factor

Some clients harbor doubts about whether they should get impact-resistant windows installed. This doubt stems from the fact that these features are significantly more expensive than standard window installations which increases the overall cost of the custom new build project. While that is a fact, the benefits of these windows far outweigh the higher costs and there are a number of benefits to getting these installed such as:

The many benefits of hurricane windows

Effective storm protection– This, of course, is the key benefit of opting for impact-resistant windows. Your custom home is bound to have a number of valuable installations that you have got designed and installed with love. The one way to make sure that these features and installations stay unharmed in the event of a hurricane is to get hurricane impact windows installed. Most homes today have very large glass doors leading out onto areas such as balconies, patios, decks, yards, outdoor kitchens, terraces etc. It’s important that impact-resistant glass is used in these installations as well.

Lower home insurance costs– In addition to offering much higher levels of protection to you and your family, installing hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors can earn you considerable discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. Getting this glass fitted on doors and windows mitigates damage & insurance costs; this is why insurance companies often offer savings for these features. Installing hurricane windows can easily save you a few hundred dollars each month, or even in excess of $10,000 per year, depending on your insurance provider and the area you live in.

Energy-efficiency– Impact resistant windows block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays; this helps maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature and improves the energy-efficiency of your home.

Sound insulation– Hurricane impact windows and doors also insulate the interior space from any disturbance and sound from the outdoors and this is a major benefit as well.

Regardless of which way you look at it, hurricane impact-resistant windows are a value-add to your property and improve the protection levels of your home, from the threat of storms and hurricanes. For any information about custom designed homes, call Landmark Custom Homes on 954.689.0700. You can also contact us via this online form.

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