Leading Home Builder in South Florida

If you are planning on getting a new custom-designed home built anywhere in Broward and Miami-Dade, Landmark Custom Homes is the company to come to. We are one of the leading custom home builders in South Florida and with good reason:

1. Experience and reputation

We have been operating in this space for over 25 years and in this time have gone from strength to strength, catering to the specific needs of prospective homeowners in the region. We use our experience and vast knowledge of the field to provide custom solutions and build homes for our clients that they would love to live in. While there are a number of other custom home builders here in South Florida, very few have the solid reputation that we have; and we work very hard to earn this reputation.

2. Superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials

While the design and plan of a custom home are what make it unique, it’s the materials and craftsmanship that decide how outstanding and sustainable the structure will be. We understand that clients want a home that won’t throw any problems and that they need spaces that will be easy to maintain and long-lasting. This can happen only when the best materials and workmanship are used in the work and that is exactly what we do. We source all materials from the most credible suppliers and deploy only the most-skilled and experienced craftsmen and technicians in the job so you get impressive, resilient and durable structures.

3. Personalized services

This is one more attribute that sets us apart from the crowd. We are focused on providing personalized services to our customers; it’s why we work closely with you right from the get-go, understand what your ideas and vision for your home are and then provide you design solutions that will meet your requirements to the tee. In addition, we ensure that our communication lines are always kept open so that you have easy access to us, to discuss details about your project while it’s in progress and after completion as well.

4. Customization and value of money

We can build your custom home on just about any inland or waterfront home site across South Florida. Even if there already is an existing home there, we can also tear that down and construct a new one in its place if that’s your requirement. If you want to purchase a lot, we also provide lot consultation services to choose the perfect site for your custom home. Even as we focus on quality and never cut any corners in our work, we prioritize providing our customers’ value for money and you will find that our services are very competitively-priced.

We go the extra mile to provide our clients the type of services they need. For any information about custom designed homes, call Landmark Custom Homes on 954.444.9875. You can also contact us via this online form.

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