Holiday Decor Tips for your home

Everyone just loves decorating their home for the holidays and if you are looking to add that special touch to your holiday décor in the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home, here are some tips to get you going:

1. The tropical touch

Since we live in Florida, the one way to be in sync with the season and our environment is to add a tropical touch to your Christmas tree. You can create a very playful vibe with flamingo toppers on the tree and decorate the rest of the interiors with shades of pink and sea green foam.

2. Give your outdoor breakfast area a holiday finish

If you have a patio, an outdoor kitchen or a deck that you use as either a breakfast or dining space, you can decorate it with special shell wreaths; use pale blue ribbons to add a very classic and chic look to the space. If you prefer something more striking and colorful, you can add a square boxwood wreath to that area; this will bring in a lot of cheer to any outdoor seating area. Adding bistro lights is another way of creating a very festive look.

3. Showcase your tree

Place your Christmas tree in a place where it’s visible from the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home. If there isn’t a nip in the air, you can easily transition to the outdoor areas when you are entertaining guests and throwing parties for your extended family during the holiday season. The tree will lend a very festive look to the outdoor areas as well.

4. Trim the outdoor tables

Mint lends a very refreshing twist to the traditional holiday green and is the best way to celebrate in any coastal area. Try to maintain a shore-inspired palette using interesting centerpieces with tropical leaves, raffia runners along the edges of the tables and red stripes too.

5. Include your houseplants in the holiday décor

You can add a festive look to your houseplants; all you need to do is add some silver ornaments to the large trees and plants in and outside your home. You can carry forth the green theme using light blue and green ribbons and pretty boxwood wreaths.

6. Add a glow to the garden

One of the best ways to add to the festive look on your property is to install a few special lighting features. For instance, you can string out paper lanterns at strategic locations. These are very easy to assemble and can be used to illuminate and decorate a garden or beach path or even the walkways and driveway.

You can also deck the windows with wreaths and metallic ribbons so these decorations can be seen from the indoor and outdoor areas. You can add a few nautical pillows in a bright punchy red to add to the holiday cheer in the indoor areas. As you can see, a bit of creativity is all it takes to create a unique holiday feel in the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

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