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Dan has built a reputation for himself in this industry and has sold his products to thousands of very important people. He says that his customers can even play a literal “who’s who of other rare and unique people who have bought the product.”  But, it is important to note that reputation is not built on the product, but is a direct outcome of the character of the person behind the business. Due to Dan’s extensive background and community involvement, which includes 52 years in the billiard business, being a retired attorney, and a mediator for special education disputes, his customers are not only gifted with a beautiful product and knowledge about the history of the tables, but also advice and most importantly, friendship.

I have laughed, cried and broken bread with them, and hopefully after personally being in their home for 4-5 hours call them a friend.”

From ensuring that the proper woods are used when restoring the tables to creating tables that match the style of private estates, Dan takes his craft seriously. He explains billiards as an,

art form; whether the precision of play of the game or the functional art you are playing on....That art needs to reflect or be a mirror of the owner table. Our customers want the product to be an extension of their taste, and economic/ social status; whether it being the model table which won the Grand Prize in the 1937 Paris Exposition or a aluminum/stainless table which can be placed in the middle of a swimming pool.”

Billard Pool Table - Brandt

On average, it takes about 3-6 months to create a modern table, and 1-2 years to restore an antique table. One memorable example was when Brandt restored the table that won the Paris Exposition in 1937, which took a year to finish. The restoration was memorable for Brandt because of the journey it took to get to final product. The customer moved multiple times, and due to this, was not able to keep the table that the customer originally purchased. The customer then decided to get the antique exposition table and, “Billiards by Brandt gave the customer 100% of the money he had spent as a down payment on the antique table.” This just shows the unparalleled customer service that one receives when working with Brandt. He truly cares for his customers, and not just the sale.

Billard Burnswick

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