Landmark Custom HomesLandmark Custom Homes and Remodeling is a member of and certifies its homes to Energy Star Standards. See

• Let us show you how a GeoThermal system can more than pay for itself in energy savings.
• Our Geo systems can do 100% of heating and cooling – even in our harsh Minnesota climate.
• We can retro fit a geo system to work with your existing heating and cooling.
• We can do geo systems on many different sites – from acreage to city lots; sandy soils to clay soils
• We can integrate the geo system to supply the heat for: in floor heat, forced air heat, domestic hot water, pools, etc.
• Our Geo systems will supply all of the cooling needs of your new or existing home.

• We have designed a system to use an ultra high efficiency boiler to heat in floor, forced air and domestic hot water. Instead of using a traditional gas furnace, a 97% efficient boiler is used to pass hot water through a coil in an air handler. The air handler then distributes the heat throughout the homes traditional ductwork. Our system also uses the same boiler to heat the domestic hot water at the same 97% efficiency rather than the dismal efficiency of a traditional water heater.

• Our standard insulation is a FORMALEHYDE FREE fiberglass. We use R21 for walls and R5O for ceilings standard. In Minnesota, the current standards are RI9 and R44 respectively. The higher the R value, the greater the resistance to heat loss.
• We use CLOSED CELL SPRAY FOAM in all rim joist and other problem areas standard. The spray foam adheres to the framing to make a complete
seal in areas that are difficult to insulate.
• We offer both open and closed cell insulations as options for customers who desire it. We can show you how the energy savings can pay for the
additional cost of going to a spray foam.
• Our open cell foam is not just energy efficient, but is a true GREEN product. Besides its superior insulating ability, it also has great sound resistance properties and can be used as a sound deadener between walls and floors. See

• We use high quality, efficient LENNOX furnace and air conditioning components standard. They carry a 5 year parts warrantee. See

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